What's happening?!?!

Hey bestie,

Today is the oddest Friday. I woke up thinking it was Thursday. Found out today was Friday and then was shocked tomorrow is Saturday. Due to the heat advisory we have not had a pop-up in over a week. I then realized that the only pop-up we have for the next two weeks is tomorrow. Tomorrow, which I now realize is Saturday and not Friday. 

What is happening? Where are the minutes and hours and days going. Life has felt so upside down over the past three years. Particularly in the last few weeks, I've felt like I was in a poorly written horror story. I feel like I'm running from an imaginary ghost and I decided to run up the stairs and fell. Like why run up the stairs and not out the door? Anyway -- I've run the horror movie analogy into the ground. Even I don't understand it anymore. 

A month ago, I was too terrified to enter a grocery store. Now I'm afraid for the remaining of my human rights to be infringed upon and removed. Nervous about the new v*riant. In desperate need of a vacay while realizing how irresponsible that would be. Bored with the food scene. Bored with the home scene. 

Really miss congregating and cackling and community-ing. Seeking Sister Wife has easily been the most exciting thing about my day. I know, that's sad, but also incredibly entertaining and shocking lol 

This is not business related. But this business is comprised of two humans and I'm one of them. Feeling very blah on this Friday. Hoping Saturday will be more exciting. If you're in Nashville, come see us July 9th -- Thrift on Tap at Jackalope Brewing Co from 11AM-4PM. In the mean time, we're accepting funny memes and tweets -- just DM us! We love to laugh. Oh, and any tv show suggestions are ALWAYS welcomed. 

Meme of the day: 

🤍 Jessica


  • Thanks so much for reading, Rachel. We’re all in this (upside down world) together 🤍🤍✨

    TNT Goods
  • I absolutely agree, it feels like we’re living in the twilight zone! Nothing makes sense anymore but I’m glad to know I’m not alone in that feeling ❤️

    Rachel Kelly

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